Barbie Accessories

Adrienne Garcia
9 min readJun 18, 2024


Get ready to unleash your inner fashionista with our roundup of the latest Barbie accessories! Whether you’re dressing up your favorite doll or looking for some inspo for your own wardrobe, we’ve got you covered with a selection of must-have items that are sure to impress. Join us as we explore the hottest trends in Barbie fashion and discover the perfect additions to your collection.

The Top 5 Best Barbie Accessories

  1. Ucanaan Doll Closet Wardrobe for Barbie Dolls — Bring your child’s imagination to life with this unique doll closet set, featuring quality and safe Barbie accessories, making it the perfect gift for any special occasion.
  2. Mattel Barbie Ultimate Closet Accessory Playset for Dolls & Accessories — Experience endless fashion fun with Mattel Barbie’s Ultimate Closet Accessory Playset, featuring 7 durable pieces of furniture and suitable for kids aged 3 and up!
  3. Barbie Accessory Pack: Fun Barbecue Adventure for 3–7 Year Olds — Transform everyday moments into extraordinary adventures with Barbie Accessory Packs, complete with vivid visuals and endless storytelling possibilities!
  4. Ultimate Barbie Portable Closet — Unleash your Barbie’s full wardrobe adventure with the Ultimate Closet, featuring stylish storage, foldout rack, and easy carry handle — the perfect gift for kids aged 3 and up!
  5. Barbie Storage Case with Wheels and Handle (20 Liter Capacity) — With minimal effort, effectively manage and transport your child’s assortment of Barbie dolls, all thanks to the vibrant, robust Barbie Store It All Case, which includes wheels and a handle for heightened comfort.

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Ucanaan Doll Closet Wardrobe for Barbie Dolls

Experience the magic of doll playtime with this delightful Ucanaan Doll Closet Wardrobe Set. Perfect for 11.5-inch girl dolls including Barbie, this set boasts a stunning variety of handmade clothes, shoes, and accessories. The unique wardrobe cabinet, fashioned from environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials, adds an elegant touch to your child’s imagination-stirring doll play.

This thoughtfully designed gift is sure to delight on birthdays, holidays, and beyond, while ensuring your child’s safety with its CE-EN71 and ASTM F963 Toy Safety certified materials. With 44 versatile doll accessories included, the possibilities are endless for your little one’s doll play, all artfully packaged and ready for gifting in its charming 13 x 7.87 x 3.15-inch dimensions from China.

Mattel Barbie Ultimate Closet Accessory Playset for Dolls & Accessories

The Mattel Barbie Ultimate Closet Accessory Playset is a delightful addition to any doll collection, suitable for children aged 3 years and up. With a charming pink design and versatile storage options, this playset features 7 pieces of furniture that are both stylish and durable, made from plastic and cotton material composition for long-lasting play.

Suitable for one player with no assembly required, this doll accessory allows for hours of imaginative play in a variety of languages, making it accessible to everyone. With a size of 7.62 x 25.73 x 32.23 cm and a weight of 690 grams, it’s perfect for those who love Barbie dolls and want to expand their playtime options.

Barbie Accessory Pack: Fun Barbecue Adventure for 3–7 Year Olds


As a little girl, I always dreamt of having my very own Barbie and her accessories. When I came across this Barbie Accessory Pack, I knew I couldn’t resist the opportunity to relive my childhood memories through my child’s eyes.

This set includes a delightful barbecue kit for young Barbie enthusiasts to enjoy, complete with a compact grill, kabobs, and a sauce container. Not only did it spark my imagination with endless storytelling possibilities, but the thoughtfully designed pieces also added a touch of realism to their playtime.

With vibrant colors and whimsical designs, these accessories truly capture the essence of Barbie magic, making my little one’s face light up with pure joy. Although the set catered more to a younger demographic, it was great to see my child experiencing the magic of Barbie again through these adorable accessories.

The highlight of the set surely had to be the barbecue kit, providing not only a compact, yet functional grill, but also the inclusion of a variety of accessories to complete the theme. However, I did notice that the kit may have been more suitable for a 1:12 scale rather than a 1:6 scale, which could slightly affect compatibility with other Barbie collectables.

Overall, our family had a blast exploring everyday moments and creating countless tales of Barbie with this delightful accessory pack.

Ultimate Barbie Portable Closet


The Barbie Ultimate Closet is a portable playtime solution for your little fashionista. With its pink exterior, kids can easily spot and access the translucent double doors for a glimpse of the fun inside. A fold-out rack stands ready for dress-up fun, while shelf space holds accessories in place.

The handle makes it easy to take this wardrobe on the go, adding to the excitement of dress-up time. Just remember, this closet is designed for kids aged 3 years and up, and is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Barbie Storage Case with Wheels and Handle (20 Liter Capacity)


Barbie’s “Store It All” seems like a promising storage solution for little doll enthusiasts. I was charmed by its fun, colorful design and the promise of easy transportation. The case itself is made of durable plastic, but that’s where the positivity ends.

On the negative side, I found that the lid’s locking mechanism is quite fiddly to maneuver and the closing mechanism isn’t very secure. I also noticed that the product is quite heavy for its size which puts an extra strain on the locking mechanism. While this might not be a major issue for kids, it can be frustrating for the adults assembling the case.

The most disappointing aspect for me was the case’s lack of compartments. This really limits the organization aspect of the case, leading to a potential mess instead of a tidy solution. While I see the potential for storing Barbie dolls, fashions, and playset accessories, the lack of proper storage divisions only led to confusion and disorganization.

In conclusion, the “Barbie Store It All” might be a stylish addition to a Barbie collection, but it falls short in functionality and organization. It could have been a game-changer, but the execution falls flat. It’s a shame, because the idea is great, but the execution needs improvement.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to Barbie accessories, there are countless choices available, which can make it challenging for a new buyer to navigate. To help guide you in making the right decision, we’ve gathered important features, considerations, and general advice about this popular product category.

Material and Durability

Barbie accessories come in various materials such as plastic, fabric, or even metal, each with unique benefits and possible drawbacks. Plastic accessories tend to be more affordable and lightweight, but they can be less durable compared to other materials. Fabric accessories can offer a more luxurious look, but they may require special care to clean and maintain. Metal accessories, on the other hand, can provide a high-quality, durable option but might be heavier and pricier.


Check if the Barbie accessory is compatible with the Barbie figure or vehicle it is designed for. Ensure that the doll’s body type, clothing, and foot type align with the accessory, preventing compatibility issues. Some Barbie accessories may work with only specific dolls or vehicles, so it’s essential to read the product description thoroughly before making a purchase.

Style and Design

Barbie accessories come in an array of styles, from traditional fashion items to more creative, whimsical pieces. Consider the style preferences of the Barbie owner, as some accessories may not appeal to everyone. Additionally, assess if the design is suitable for the intended use or age of the person it’s intended for.

Price and Value

While it’s important to consider the initial cost of the Barbie accessory, also think about its long-term value. Is the material, design, and functionality worth the price? Does it offer better quality over cheaper options? Evaluating these factors can help you make a well-informed decision about the cost-value balance of the accessory.


What are the different types of Barbie accessories available?

Barbie accessories come in various categories including clothes, shoes, jewelry, and hairstyles. There are also playsets, furniture, and doll stands available for Barbie lovers. Some of the most popular accessories include Barbie Dreamhouse, Barbie sports cars, and fashionable outfits for your favorite doll.

Additionally, there are Barbie’s pets such as horses, dogs, and cats, along with various toys and gadgets to enhance imaginative play. From miniature clothing items to luxurious mansions, there is a wide range of products that cater to different interests and preferences of Barbie collectors and fans.

Can I customize or design my own Barbie accessories?

Yes, many Barbie enthusiasts enjoy designing and creating their own accessories using a variety of materials. Craft stores, online marketplaces, and specialty stores often carry beads, fabrics, and other materials suitable for making Barbie accessories. Many YouTube tutorials and online forums can also assist beginners in learning how to create custom accessories for their Barbie dolls.

You can also purchase DIY Barbie accessory kits, which contain all the necessary materials and instructions for creating unique and fun custom accessories. These kits can be an excellent starting point for those new to Barbie accessory creation or for others looking to expand their existing collection.

What are some popular Barbie accessories that are currently available?

Popular Barbie accessories vary depending on the latest fashion trends, seasons, and releases. However, some classic and well-loved accessories include the Barbie convertible sports car, Barbie doll clothing, and special occasion outfits. Fans also love the line of Barbie Dreamhouse dollhouses and playsets, which include different themed rooms and furniture.

Other popular accessories include Barbie’s pets, such as the Barbie Malibu Barbie Pony pals, or horses such as the Barbie Rock ’n’ Roll Horse. Limited edition dolls with unique accessories, like the Barbie Fashionistas, always catch the attention of collectors. Visit your favorite toy store or online retailer to discover the latest Barbie accessories releases and trends.

How do I buy genuine Barbie accessories and avoid counterfeits?

To purchase genuine Barbie accessories, shop at authorized Mattel retailers or Barbie-branded online stores. Look for the official Barbie logo or packaging and confirm that the product’s price is within an expected range. Beware of counterfeit products with poor quality materials and unrealistic pricing.

You can also research authorized resellers, forums, and social media groups focused on Barbie collectors. Joining such communities can help you identify reliable sellers and gain valuable insights from fellow collectors. Protect yourself and your Barbie accessories by investing in genuine items and trusting trusted sources for your purchases.

What are some fun activities that involve Barbie accessories?

Aside from imaginative and creative play with Barbie dolls and their accessories, there are several fun activities that promote social interaction while enjoying Barbie-themed events. Some ideas include hosting a Barbie fashion show, organizing a Barbie swap meet, or collaborating on a joint DIY Barbie accessory project.

Art and craft sessions using Barbie accessories as materials can also be a great way to bond with friends and family while creating something unique. Encourage group discussions on Barbie collector stories, attend Barbie conventions or workshops, or simply engage in friendly Barbie-themed competitions with friends. With Barbie accessories, there’s always an opportunity for fun and creative activities that bring people together.

How can I store and display my Barbie accessories?

Storage and display options for Barbie accessories can range from basic to elaborate, depending on the number of accessories you own and the level of organization you desire. Some collectors prefer using plastic storage boxes or cardboard file organizers, which allow easy access and visibility to their collections.

Others may invest in specialized dollhouse furniture and decor, which can complement their Barbie accessories and provide a more immersive display experience. Additionally, specialized storage solutions, such as hanging organizers, can help keep accessories neat and tidy, while also showcasing them. Ensure that your chosen storage and display solution accommodates your Barbie accessories and allows for easy access and visibility of your collection.

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